Transitions, thoughts and feels.


First week in Chicago! We took the time to vacation in our new hometown. So much amazing food, drinks and napping. I feel happy and safe in our new neighborhood.

Last night, we celebrated our seventh anniversary. I walked down N. Clark Street with flowers and wine. I’m so grateful.

This next week, we’ll start to ease into job applications. I had the first interview today at NU in Evanston. So nerve-wracking! But it went well. I need to remember to pace myself, practice self-care and enjoy time with friends.

Women and Children First

Stopped into Women and Children First to inquire about the job app process. I have an application! For the interview, I need to explain why I’m a feminist. Need to think about this so I’m not speechless.

Starbucks in Andersonville (Chicago, IL)

(by sara.robin)
  • “…I will not return to a universe
    of objects that don’t know each other,
    as if islands were not the lost children
    of one great continent. The world
    is flux, and light becomes what it touches,
    becomes water, lilies on water,
    above and below water,
    becomes lilac and mauve and yellow
    and white and cerulean lamps,
    small fists passing sunlight
    so quickly to one another…”

    — from ‘Monet Refuses the Operation’ by Lisel Mueller