Transitions, thoughts and feels.


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  • Summer 2011 nostalgia.
    Memorial Union Terrace. Ely, Tina and me. 

  • 'Burst', CCR, 2010.
"…and you’re playing like anything,singing stay little valentinestayand taking as long there are worldssinking between the notes, this exhalationno longer a voice but a rush of air.brutal, from the tunnels under the river,the barges’ late whistles you only herewhen the traffic’s stilledby snow, a city hushed anddistilled into one rush of breath…”-Almost Blue, Chet Baker, 1929-1988 by Mark Doty
    'On', CCR (2011)

    That moment when your supervisor tells you that she has a small, invisible boy always following her around.

untitled by Olivia Rae James on Flickr.

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Simon Dubreuil

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